The DPT-CTRL series PID controllers are engineered for stand-alone building automation in the HVAC/R industry.
With the built-in controller it is possible to control the constant pressure or flow of fans, VAV systems or dampers.
DPT-CTRL series offers various models for energy-efficient control of modern EC fans in all sizes of systems.

The DPT-CTRL-MOD can be used as a pressure or flow controller in modular building automation systems. Setpoints
and other parameters can be adjusted remotely via bus. With the temperature compensation feature, the fan speed can
be adjusted according to temperature. This saves energy by exhausting the right amount of air in cold environments.

DPT-CTRL-2SP is a perfect choice for small independent systems where the user can choose the desired air flow from
two separate setpoints by using for example occupancy sensor or key card switch.