Combination of a liquid column manometer and a differential pressure switch

In many situations filter monitoring requires an alarm signal and a local display. Our filter alerts are the right solution for these situations. The filter alerts combine differential pressure switches with manometers into one practical product offering.

Technical details

Switching difference: 30 Pa
Accuracy of switching point (low limit typ.): 40 Pa ±5 Pa
Accuracy of switching point (high limit typ.): 600 Pa ±30 Pa
Electrical rating, resistive load: 3 A / 250 VAC
Electrical rating, inductive load: 2 A / 250 VAC
Maximum pressure: 50 kPa
Service life: > 1 000 000 switching operations
Measuring units: Pa
Environment: Operating temperature: -20...+60 °C
Storage temperature: -40...+85 °C
Protection standard: IP54

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