Testing, balancing and troubleshooting instrument for HVAC service technicians

PHM-V1 micromanometer is designed for measuring and adjusting air diffusers and air valves using a patented technology. Accurate air pressure and air flow measurements with over 1000 preprogrammed valve selections from various manufacturers. Save and upload results to PHM-V1 Manager software for creating a customized documentation and database.




Preprogrammed valve manufacturers:

• EH-Muovi
• Fläkt Woods
• Halton
• Lindab
• RCL (Climecon)
• Swegon
• Uponor


Included accessories:
• PHM-V1 manual
• Calibration certificate
• PVC hose (2 pcs, 2 m)
• USB Mini B cable
• Fläkt Woods valve measurement kit
PHM-V1 Manager software

Technical details

Range: -250…2550 Pa
Maximum overpressure: 30 kPa
Accuracy: ±1.4 % from reading
USB: Mini B
Units on display: Pressure: Pa, mmH2O, inchWC, mbar
Volume flow: l/s, m3/h, m3/s
Operating temp. range: -10 … 50 °C
Can be used with pitot tube