In apartment buildings, roof extraction units are often necessary to ensure clean, high-quality indoor air.

Ventilation in apartment buildings is often set at a default level, even though the load varies. This results in a significant loss of energy. Ventilation applications in apartment buildings are easy to implement by using HK Instruments’ measurement devices. Our cost-efficient solutions do not necessarily need to be supported by an expensive building automation system

DPT-Ctrl-MOD (2) keeps the air volume in the laundry facility at the desired standard value by controlling the EC exhaust fan. Siro-MOD-rH (1) monitors the air humidity and causes DPT-Ctrl-MOD (2) to increase capacity when air humidity increases. Siro-MOD-CO2-VOC-rH-T (3) and CDT-MOD-2000-DC-1R (5) monitor the air quality in apartments, and DPT-Ctrl-MOD (4) actively adjusts the exhaust fan. When the time extension mode of the CDT-MOD-2000-DC-1R is activated, the DPT-Ctrl-MOD receives the information via its binary input and boosts ventilation. All devices communicate seamlessly with the building management system through the Modbus interface.