Pressure differences between rooms in hospitals, laboratories and other demanding environments can be controlled through pressurisation and depressurisation to ensure favourable working conditions and the cleanliness of products.

Designed to monitor pressure differences between rooms, differential pressure transmitters measure the difference in pressure between the cleanroom and the adjacent room. DPT-Priima, which measures even the smallest pressure differences, is an excellent choice when the pressurisation of facilities requires high precision and operational reliability. In addition to measuring pressure differences, it is important to measure the temperature and humidity in cleanrooms. The Siro humidity and temperature transmitter is the perfect choice for such measurements. All our cleanroom devices are available with a calibration certificate. Our devices ensure uninterrupted production in cleanrooms, which require reliable, continuous monitoring.

DPT-Priima-AZ-D-S (1) and DPT-CR-MOD (6) monitor overpressure in laboratory facilities. In addition, DPT-CR-MOD works as a cleanroom panel that shows differential pressure, relative humidity and temperature on its display. DPT-CR-MOD is connected to Siro-rH-T-D (3) that communicates the room temperature and humidity both to DPT-CR-MOD and to the automation system. The relay of the DPI±500-2R-AZ (2) electronic differential pressure switch and transmitter activates the beacon alarm light if the pressure in the facility exceeds the threshold value. The DPG (4) analogue gauge is easy to read, which makes it suitable for indicating the exact pressure in the laminar flow cabinet. TEKY6S (5) measures the temperature in a refrigerated cabinet, making it possible to collect long-term historical data.