High accuracy transmitter for demanding applications

DPT-Priima is a high accuracy differential pressure transmitter designed for cleanrooms and other high accuracy applications. DPT-Priima has a new, extremely accurate sensor, optional span point calibration and automatic zero point calibration.


DPT-Priima together with SPP (static pressure port) is a complete solution for building envelope measurement.









Available in Q1/2021.


Technical details

Accuracy (from applied pressure): 0.4 % + ±0.4 Pa
Measuring ranges (Pa): -25...+25 / -50...+50 / -100...+100 / -500...+500 / 0...25 / 0...50 / 0...250 / 0...1000
Zero point calibration: automatic with autozero element (-AZ) or by pushbutton
Measuring units: Pa, kPa, mbar, inchWC, mmWC, psi
Supply voltage: 24 VDC ±10 % / 24 VAC ±10 %
Power consumption: < 1.0 W (< 1.2 W with output current 20 mA)
Output signals (3-wire): 0…10 VDC
4…20 mA
Operating temperature: -20…+50 °C (with autozero calibration -5...+50 °C)
Response time: 0.4 / 8 s
Protection standard: IP54




Product series

Differential pressure transmitter

Model type

High accuracy

Zero point calibration

With autozero calibration
Standard with pushbutton manual zero point calibration


With display
Without display

Span point calibration

Span point calibration
Without span point calibration

Calibration certificate

With calibration certificate
Without calibration certificate

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