Differential pressure transmitter with Modbus communication and Input terminal

The DPT-IO-MOD differential pressure transmitter for air conforms to Modbus over serial line protocol using RTU transmission mode and RS485 interface. The digital output signal is sent over Modbus enabling the DPT-IO-MOD to connect directly to a field communications network.


DPT-IO-MOD requires less wiring than the traditional 3-wire transmitters since multiple devices can be connected on serial line.


The DPT-IO-MOD includes an Input terminal that enables reading of multiple other signals such as temperature or control relays over Modbus.
The Input terminal has two input channels designed to accept 0−10 V, NTC10k, Pt1000, Ni1000/(-LG), and BIN IN (potential free contact) signals. For example, DPT-IO-MOD can read values from one differential pressure measurement point and two temperature measurement points. Hence, the DPT-IO-MOD does the work of three transmitters.

Technical details

Communication: RS-485 Modbus (RTU)
Accuracy (from applied pressure):
(model 2500)
Pressure < 125 Pa = 1 % + ±2 Pa
pressure > 125 Pa = 1 % + ±1 Pa
Accuracy (from applied pressure):
(model 7000)
Pressure < 125 Pa = 1.5 % + ±2 Pa
Pressure > 125 Pa = 1.5 % + ±1 Pa
Zero point calibration: via Modbus or by pushbutton
Measuring units: Pa, kPa, mbar, inchWC, mmWC, psi
Measuring element: MEMS, no flow-through
Supply voltage: 24 VDC ±10 % / 24 VAC ±10 %
Power consumption: < 1.3 W
Operating temperature: -20…+50 °C
Response time: 1...20 s selectable via menu
Protection standard: IP54




Product series

Differential pressure transmitter

Model type

Input terminal and Modbus communication

Measuring ranges (Pa)



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