The YM-3 is used to measure and monitor internal overpressure between
shelter and outside area. Reference pressure is measured outside via copper
hose lead through special blast and gastight proof wall sleeve. The
YM-3 overpressure meter is designed and tested to withstand strong blast
loadings exerted on the meter through its connection pipe. YM-3 is type
tested and approved by Technical Research centre of Finland/VTT that
performs type inspecting mandated by the Finnish Ministry of Interior.
The is YM-3 is protected against blast shock and static pressure loads.
YM-series device features include:
• Field adjustable zero point calibration
• Pressure limit stickers
• Robust structure

• Certificate VTT-C-12329-18 granted by the VTT/
Technical Research Centre of Finland
• Protected against blast shock and static pressure loads
• Withstands rapid change in velocity 2.5m/s, 30 g
• Withstands vibration with acceleration of 2.5m/s, 30 g
• Protected against blast shock and static pressure loads

Technical details

Accuracy MM±100500:
-100...100 Pa ±5 Pa
100...500 Pa ±25 Pa
Overpressure: Maximum overpressure : 300 kPa
Static overpressure: -20...300 kPa

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