Our main products are also available with Modbus communication. When using a bus solution, you need less wires in cables and fewer input points in the controller. As a result, you will save in costs of the devices and installation. DPT-Dual-MOD combines two differential pressure transmitters into one device. When using the Input terminal, temperature transmitters can be replaced with temperature sensors. This makes it possible to measure four different types of data.


With the Modbus solution you only need 4 wires as opposed to 23 wires when using the traditional solution.

In the Modbus solution, DPT-Dual-MOD-AHU (1) monitors and controls air volumes. It also functions as a filter alert, replacing two separate measuring devices: air flow transmitter and differential pressure transmitter. DPT-Dual-MOD (3) is the right choice when you want to monitor and control duct pressure instead of air volumes. Two temperature sensors are connected to both DPT-Dual-MOD models. These sensors are essential for the functioning of the air handling unit. DPT-MOD (2) prevents frosting in the heat recovery unit.