Changes in our Modbus family

We have made changes and additions to our Modbus products. The new DPT-MOD transmitter is now available with autozero calibration and it doesn’t include an input terminal. The version with input terminal is still available with a more descriptive name: DPT-IO-MOD. We have also launched a new version of our two-sensor transmitter, DPT-Dual-MOD-AHU, designed especially for ventilation units.

DPT-MOD is an all-in-one transmitter with which you can measure volume flow, velocity and differential pressure. This means that you don’t necessarily need to have a large stock because you can use the same model to measure either pressure or flow.
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The input terminal of DPT-IO-MOD makes it possible that temperature transmitters are replaced with temperature sensors. This results in savings in costs of the devices and in the installation costs.
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The DPT-Dual-MOD-AHU has one pressure sensor and one air flow sensor and it includes an input terminal. In most cases, you only need two DPT-Dual-MOD-AHU transmitters to cover all differential pressure, air flow and temperature measurements in one air handling unit.
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