Mechanical differential pressure switches for air

The PS series mechanical differential pressure switches offer a cost effective solution for filter, fan and duct pressure monitoring in building automation systems in the HVAC/R industry. PS series products offer field selectable switching point adjustment.

Technical details

Accuracy of switching point (low limit typ.): ±5 Pa (PS1500: ±20 Pa, PS4500: ±100 Pa)
Accuracy of switching point (high limit typ.): PS200: ±20 Pa, PS300 & PS500: ±30 Pa, PS600 & PS1500: ±50 Pa, PS4500: ±200 Pa
Service life: over 1 000 000 switching operations
Electrical rating (resistive load): 3 A / 250 VAC (PS200: 0.1 A / 250 VAC)
Electrical rating (inductive load): 2 A / 250 VAC (PS200: --)
Operating temperature: -20...+60 °C
Protection standard: IP54