New product launches from HK Instruments

HK Instruments launches several new products: Our DPT series is reinforced with DPT-Priima, a high accuracy differential pressure transmitter, our PTE series is expanded with a whole new series of temperature sensors for liquids, and we have a completely new Siro series that is comprised of CO2, relative humidity and VOC transmitters.

All these products are available in Q1/2021.


DPT-Priima for high accuracy applications



DPT-Priima is a high accuracy differential pressure transmitter designed for applications where the required accuracy is higher than the regular building automation pressure transmitters can reach. The most common applications are pressure monitoring in cleanrooms and over the building envelope. DPT-Priima has a new, extremely accurate sensor, optional span point calibration and automatic zero point calibration.


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PTE temperature sensors for liquids

PTE passive temperature sensors for liquids are used to sense the liquid temperature in HVAC systems. PTE sensors are user-friendly and premium quality products with competitive pricing.

The series includes immersion sensor, fast response immersion sensor, surface sensor and frost guard sensor.


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Siro CO2, T, rH and VOC transmitters

Siro series includes CO2, temperature, relative humidity and VOC transmitters. These easy-to-use devices have a modern design and new hardware, including sensors. The Siro devices offer easy installation and adjustment, several different model options and various output signals that are configurable separately for each measurement parameter.


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